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Volunteers provide big benefits for Bellingham

Volunteer with mulch

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. The Parks Volunteer Program provides drop-in volunteering opportunities that have small impacts on your schedule but produce big benefits for our community.

Most volunteer opportunities do not require advance registration; usually everyone is invited and asked to simply show up.  Gloves, tools and instructions are provided.

Volunteers who help restore habitat and beautify City parks make our community a better place and are given opportunities to make new friends, expand their networks and boost their mental and physical health.

Behind the scenes on a volunteer project

An amazing amount of work goes on behind the scenes leading up to a big volunteer project. For example, have you ever wondered what happens to the recycled holiday trees picked up by the Boy Scouts? This year, they were chipped into mulch that volunteers spread at a volunteer work party on January 21. Here's the rest of the story:

Photos from MLK Day Work Party at Maritime Heritage Park

Americorps volunteers and Mayor Kelli  Work Party  Hillside before  Hillside prepped

More information:
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Published: February 1, 2013

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