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"Ingress" sculpture gets a new look

Ingress public sculpture

"Ingress," a large public sculpture created by Julia Kerl, located on the corner of Chestnut and Railroad, has recently received a makeover. This previously bright blue sculpture is now a warm copper color.

"The sculptureā€™s new copper color has tiny bits of metallic flake. These bring in reflected colors from both light and sky, emphasizing its different angles and creating more contrast within the form. The warmer color is also more visible, and enlarges the sculpture," explained Kerl.

Old Ingress sculpture

Sculpture Northwest and the City of Bellingham collaborated to get this sculpture refurbished and repainted, a process which was long overdue. This sculpture was purchased by the City in 1987 and was originally sited on the lawn of the Bellingham Public Library.

The City has been fortunate over the years to have many people and organizations offering services and funding to assist in maintaining the public sculpture collection.

Published:  May 23, 2013

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