Westside Non-Motorized Improvements

Looking across an empty crosswalk on the road.
Project Overview The Westside Non-Motorized Improvements Project (ES563) will add and improve bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in 15 locations throughout Bellingham, primarily on the west side of town. The project includes improvements in the following areas: Project Status – June 2023 Recent Accomplishments:  Construction Impacts Construction is anticipated in August 2023. More information on construction impacts ... Read more

Lincoln-Maple Signal & Non-Motorized Improvements

Aerial view of the intersection at East Maple and Lincoln
Project Overview The Lincoln-Maple Signal & Non-Motorized Improvements Project (ET034) will construct a full traffic signal at Lincoln/E Maple to improve intersection operation and safety and break the 0.86-mile corridor in half by providing a protected pedestrian crossing. The scope of the project has been expanded to include other improvements in the corridor: Project Status ... Read more

West Illinois Multimodal Improvements

Aerial map showing red line along West Illinois
Project Overview: ES561 The West Illinois Multimodal Project will add sidewalks to West Illinois and add/upgrade ramps to ADA requirements. In addition, a small roundabout will be installed at the intersection of Meridian Street and West Illinois and the existing signal will be removed. Bike facility markings will be placed on Meridian, Illinois and Girard ... Read more

Parkview Safe Routes to School

Group of school-aged girls crossing the street at a crosswalk
Project Overview: ES560 The Parkview Safe Routes to School Project will add key regional sidewalks on Coolidge, Indiana, Cornwall and Vallette Street along with improvements along West Illinois. The project will also add a flashing beacon and crosswalk at Vallette Street. Project Status – May 2023 WSDOT is expected to provide approval to bid in ... Read more

Protecting Mobility for All

Project Overview In 2017-2018, Bellingham conducted the Travel with Care public safety campaign. In summer 2021, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission awarded Bellingham and multiagency funding partners a $120,000 grant to conduct a public safety campaign focused on people walking, biking, and rolling citywide, but especially near low-income neighborhood schools. Bellingham Police are partnering with Public Works, ... Read more

2022 Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan Updates

Project Overview: ES557 The City of Bellingham is in the process of updating the 2012 Pedestrian Master Plan and the 2014 Bicycle Master Plan. These mode-specific plans establish citywide pedestrian and bicycle networks, identify and recommend improved needs, apply community-identified priorities, and develop a fiscally-constrained list of projects for the future. Extensive public input will ... Read more