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Build Electric Washington

September 23, 2020 , 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

This event is a lunchtime webinar forum showcasing the movement to transition all buildings to 100% renewable-powered efficient electric heating.

In Bellingham, burning gas in buildings, homes and for power is our single biggest source of climate pollution— even more than driving cars in the city. There’s no way to secure a livable climate while relying on fossil fuels for indoor heating.

But the local solution is already in front of us: Build all-electric for new construction and phase out gas from existing buildings, while boosting efficiency as our grid transitions to a zero-emission power supply. Hear from specialists and ask questions about how our communities can transition off gas and onto clean, efficient, lower-cost electric appliances and zero-emission HVAC systems for all homes and buildings.

Panelists include:

  • Erin McDade, Senior Program Director at Architecture 2030
  • Denise Grab, Building Electrification Program Manager at Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Eddy Ury, Climate & Energy Policy Manager at RE Sources
  • And special guests!

Learn more about why all-electric buildings are a must for the climate and public health. We already have the tools. Let’s use them!

Register here to attend the webinar.

Hosted by RE Sources for Sustainable Communities.

This event is part of the City’s ALL IN for Climate Action Week. Find a full list of events here.