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Climate Action Fund Public Feedback Forum

February 17 , 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

The City of Bellingham is hosting virtual public forums to gather feedback on Mayor Seth Fleetwood’s proposal to develop a Climate Action Fund to provide a continuous source of revenue for achieving our climate emissions reduction targets, adapting to a changing environment and serving our most vulnerable populations first.

The public feedback forums are scheduled for 7-8 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 17 and Wednesday, Feb. 23.

At each session, Mayor Fleetwood and Seth Vidaña, the City’s Climate and Energy Manager, will provide an overview of the need for the public funding necessary to achieve our community’s climate goals and the proposed uses of the funds, if approved.

To meet the ambitious goals in our Council-approved, community-supported Bellingham Climate Action Plan, we need solutions with big impacts, and we need them quickly, which will require additional funding not currently available. We have identified the top five actions that will allow us to meet our targets as efficiently and equitably as possible. These include:    

  1. Supporting the transition to low-carbon electricity
  2. Reducing emissions from buildings by improving energy efficiency
  3. Transitioning to electricity for space and water heating
  4. Reducing vehicle emissions by supporting the transition to electric vehicles
  5. Helping our community, especially vulnerable populations, adapt to climate change impacts

A Climate Action Fund will help us achieve these goals at an accelerated pace and make a meaningful impact. As proposed, it would be funded by a property tax levy that would help fill gaps in local, state, and federal funding. The funds generated would be invested in our community to help bolster our economy and create local jobs, improve community health, safety, and preparedness, and protect natural resources such as clean air and water.  

We want to hear about the solutions our community wants to see and what barriers are anticipated. Community feedback can be provided at the public forum events or online through our Engage Bellingham page.

Forum Zoom Links

The public forums will be hosted virtually on Zoom. You can join the meetings at 7 p.m. with the following links: