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Heat Pumps: Save Emissions, Energy, and Money!

Sep 22, 2022 , 5:30 pm 7:00 pm

Event Recording: Did you miss the live webinar event on September 22? A recording of this event is available to watch!

Replacing a gas furnace or water heater can save emissions, energy, and money. This webinar hosted by the Whatcom County Climate Impacts Advisory Committee will show you how. After a general introduction by organizer Steve Harrell, four speakers, for 8-10 minutes each, explain the basics of heat pumps and what they can do for you. The event’s speakers include:

  • Imran Sheikh, WWU Assistant Professor of Energy Studies and CIAC member, will explain the science of heat pumps and why they are more efficient than any other kind of heating, even in cold weather.
  • Eric Wheeler, Community Energy Challenge, will show you how to get a home energy audit to determine the best and most economical ways to switch to electric heating and appliances.
  • Hunter Hassig, PSE will explain the incentives available for electrifying and specifically for heat pumps.
  • Steve Harrell, retired UW environmental studies professor and CIAC member, will testify to one homeowner’s experience with saving money and energy by replacing a gas furnace with a heat pump.


Email: meiguimuga@gmail.com

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