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Pom Poko Film Screening

Sep 24, 2022 , 1:45 pm 4:00 pm

Pickford Film Center presents Pom Poko, directed by one of the two founders of Studio Ghibli, Takahata Isao, who has also directed Only Yesterday, Grave of the Fireflies, and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, among other films. Pom Poko concerns a group of tanuki, often translated as “raccoon dogs.” These are animals native to Japan who have appeared in folklore and children’s songs for hundreds of years, in which they are reputed to have shape-shifting powers similar to fox spirits.

In this film, a group of tanuki near Tokyo decide to combat the encroaching suburbanization of their habitat in some very direct – and fanciful – ways. The result is highly entertaining for young and old while also being one of the strongest environmental parables from an animation studio that has always been concerned with the natural world and our place in it.


Tickets for this 1:45 p.m. showing of Pom Poko on Saturday, September 24 can be purchased on the Pickford’s website.


Pickford Film Center
1318 Bay Street
Bellingham, WA 98225


Email: info@pickfordfilmcenter.org
Phone: (360) 647-1300

Prize Drawing/Event Feedback

Receive a prize drawing entry for up to five events you attend during Climate Action Week! Three prize drawing winners will be selected to choose between a solar backpack, waterproof bike bag, energy efficiency kit, or zero waste shopping kit. 

For each entry, you must submit a brief online feedback form for the event you attended and include a unique codeword for that event. Obtain the codeword for the Pom Poko film showing on a poster at the event or by emailing bhamclimateweek@gmail.com.

This event is part of the City’s ALL IN for Climate Action Week. Find a full list of events.