Build Electric Washington

This event is a lunchtime webinar forum showcasing the movement to transition all buildings to 100% renewable-powered efficient electric heating. In Bellingham, burning gas in buildings, homes and for power is our single biggest source of climate pollution— even more than driving cars in the city. There's no way to secure a livable climate while relying on ... Read more

Whales and Climate Change – Online Youth Event

Learn how Climate Change impacts whales and what you can do to help! The event will include a short lesson and an activity (an activity template will be emailed to those registered). For more information and registration information, please visit: Hosted by: Orca Network and Langley Whale Center. This event is part of the ... Read more

Can Climate-Friendly Utilities Serve Social Justice?

Join us for a webinar panel discussion exploring issues regarding utility access. We will discuss how fiber optic access can be a powerful service to low income communities and internet access for education for all. We will also explore the various opportunities for carbon friendly utilities and the connection between clean energy and social justice. ... Read more

Climate Action Book Club: Don’t Even Think About It

The Community Energy Challenge is partnering with Village Books to invite you to discuss Don't Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change by George Marshall. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and let's start the day by breaking down barriers to climate action! "From the founder of the Climate ... Read more

Turning the Tables on the Asian Giant Hornet

The Whatcom Museum is working with the Washington State Department of Agriculture to provide an educational program on the invasive species: Asian Giant Hornets. Learn how this species poses a threat to our local biome, what to do if you come across one, and how you can help. The event will be hosted as a live ... Read more

Placemaking and Climate Change Migration

RECORDING: A video recording of this past event is available at Climate change forced displacement and resettlement is becoming a pressing topic as the impacts of sea level rise, drought, and severe tropical storms increasingly impact communities’ livelihoods. As communities and entire nations are forced to resettle, how will basic social and cultural structures ... Read more

Climate and Racial Justice: Sharing Stories of Activism Rooted in Love

RECORDING: A recording of this past event is available at Climate and racial injustice are inextricably intertwined. Science and data give us a foundational understanding, but the power of sharing our personal stories cannot be overestimated. For it is our love, our resolve and commitment that reach into and reverberate in people's hearts. Our presenters ... Read more

A Climate of Change – NSEA’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Climate change is one of the largest challenges facing salmon recovery. Rising temperatures, climate refugees, droughts and flood events all threaten these environmental, cultural and economic icons. Land management and restoration of wetlands and estuaries can protect our communities. Please join NSEA for A Climate of Change. This curated program tackles the issue of global ... Read more

Bike Anywhere Day

Bike to work, for an essential errand, or just for the fun of it. Biking is an ideal form of socially distanced transportation. It’s good for you and the environment! Visit for Smart Trips’ map featuring bike routes and trails, cycling tips, and fun, self-guided bike rides. This event is part of the City’s ... Read more

Feature Friday Film from the Marine Life Center

RECORDING: Find a video recording of this past event at The Marine Life Center posts a weekly "Feature Creature" educational video on Fridays. This week, we will feature the effects of climate change on our local ocean creatures. These videos are posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages. This event is part of the ... Read more