People-Centered Transportation

The Bellingham City Council supports a transportation system that creates efficient movement of people through the City while encouraging a shift away from reliance on single-occupancy vehicles (SOVs). According to the Legacies and Strategic Commitments adopted by the Council in 2009, transportation goals include providing safe, well-connected mobility options for all users; maintaining and improving streets, trails and other infrastructure; and increasing facilities for bicycles and pedestrians to reduce dependence on SOVs.

The Council approves annually a new five-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) that governs investments in sidewalks, bicycle lanes, arterial streets, intersection improvements, traffic signals, and roundabouts. The Council also oversees approximately $5 million dollars of new investments annually in bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and street repair in its role of overseeing the projects of the voter-created Transportation Fund. The City is in the process of updating its Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans.