2019 Downtown Survey

Take the survey here! (10-15 minutes)

The Downtown Bellingham Partnership is partnering with the City to conduct the 2019 survey that will help the Planning Department and Downtown Bellingham Partnership prioritize projects and initiatives downtown. The survey will be open to the public May 13-31, 2019.  

In 2011, the Planning and Community Development Department conducted a survey to find out what residents liked best about and wanted to improve downtown. The results contributed to the development of the Downtown Bellingham Plan, and a strategy to prioritize development and public investments in the improvement of downtown.

The 2019 survey asks respondents to rate the quality of downtown housing, amenities, landscaping, business resources, safety and more.  Public feedback will contribute to developing projects and allocating resources for initiatives downtown.


​Darby Cowles, Senior Planner, (360) 778-8389, dkcowles@cob.org

Mason Luvera, Communications Director, Downtown Bellingham Partnership, (360) 527-8710 mason@downtownbellingham.com