Fairhaven Highlands Project

Environmental Impact Statement

The goal of the EIS is to provide objective factual information about the site and its environment, to complete clear and complete analysis of the relevant aspects of the project, and to determine the regulations under which the development might proceed. The expense of the EIS will be borne by Greenbriar, and the City of Bellingham is the designated Lead Agency.  Kim Weil is the Project Manager for the EIS (kweil@cob.org).

Scoping Summary

Site Plans and Revisions

Note:  The alternatives being studied under the EIS have not changed.  However, new information and corrections have resulted in revisions to site plans.  All are posted below, and the most recent are considered the most complete.

EIS Documents

Project Biologist Submittals

Transportation Submittals

Project Engineer (Jepson) Submittals

Geotechnical Submittals

Technical Memos and correspondence

Other EIS Correspondence

Scoping for the EIS

The Scoping Summary describes the alternatives and the environmental elements to be studied for preparation of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). State law requires the analysis of at least three alternatives: the “no action” alternative, the original proposal, and a proposal with fewer environmental impacts. In addition, the scope identifies the environmental elements to be analyzed. In this summary, the environmental elements to be analyzed include those issues raised through public comment and from City input.

A public hearing on scope of the EIS took place on Wednesday, January 16th, 6:30 p.m., Bellingham Municipal Court.