Climate Action Research Technical Working Groups

The City of Bellingham is continuing to recruit members for Technical Working Group “B” – Vehicle Electrification, a working group to inform climate action projects. Full description of this group below. Please submit applications of interest before close of business Friday, March 10, 2023, using the City’s Boards and Commissions Application Process.


The City of Bellingham is conducting research relative to two critical areas of activity outlined in the City’s Climate Action Plan. These two areas are:

  • Electrification and energy efficiency for residences and commercial buildings
  • Electric vehicle adoption

To support this work, the City is forming two limited-term Technical Working Groups to provide input on the development of programs that will lower carbon pollution in each of these areas and help the City reach community carbon emissions reduction goals.

Scope and Commitments

  • Two working groups will be formed, as described in detail below.
  • The working groups will be advisory to the City and its consulting team as they are developing program ideas for each area of activity. Feedback will inform City decisions on how to more fully develop draft programs over the course of the research project.
  • Group members are expected to attend 4-5 meetings between February and April 2023, which will last approximately two hours each.
  • Group members will need to spend some time outside of meetings to assist in these efforts. This work may include contacting local organizations, independent research, email correspondence, and working with staff or consultants in between meetings.
  • Group members will agree to follow principles of participation for meetings.

Community Representation

The City is seeking representation from a diversity of residents who are interested in and affected by the City of Bellingham’s climate efforts in the two areas outlined above. The City is seeking applicants who have developed a background in one or more of the areas below through lived experience and/or professional training.

  • Residents who may be impacted by changes to home energy systems and personal transportation, especially low-income residents and those that represent and/or assist low-income residents
  • Businesses who may be impacted by changes to energy systems and transportation
  • Government and public organizations
  • Non-profit and community groups
  • Development industry organizations (affordable housing developers, construction companies, real estate agencies, etc.)
  • Economic organizations
  • Vehicle sales and maintenance businesses (automotive, bicycles, scooters, etc. – specifically for the vehicle electrification technical working group).

Working Group Descriptions

Technical Working Group “A” – Building Electrification

(We are no longer accepting applications for this group)

The scope of this Technical Working Group is to decrease community carbon pollution generated by residential and commercial buildings. Existing residential and commercial buildings in Bellingham account for 43% of community carbon pollution. The group will provide input in developing incentive programs, policies, regulations, and other tools that the City may utilize as allowed under Washington State law. Considerations include cost, benefit, likelihood of success in Bellingham, and other elements. Special consideration should be given to ensure equity and support for vulnerable and low-income populations, including electric cooling for large multi-family structures funded through the Bellingham Home Fund. Potential upgrades will be primarily focused on energy efficiency and electrification. Energy efficiency will be focused on air sealing and insulation as well as other building treatments which would allow for lower carbon emissions as well as conservation of occupant or owner funds. Electrification will be focused on major sources of carbon pollution (space and water heating systems) but may include other minor sources (cooking, clothes driers, and other uses of natural gas) which would allow for total electrification of buildings.

Technical Working Group “B” – Vehicle Electrification

(We are accepting applications for this group through March 10, 2023)

The scope of this Technical Working Group is to increase use of electric vehicle (EV) technology in Bellingham. Carbon emissions associated with combustion of liquid petroleum fuels accounts for 29% of Bellingham’s community carbon pollution. Increasing the use of EV technology is one strategy in lowering carbon pollution along with shifting transportation modes from single occupancy vehicles to walking, biking, and mass transit. This working group will provide input in developing programs, policies, and other tools that the City may utilize to incentivize or require at definitive point in time. Considerations include cost, benefit, equity, likelihood of success in Bellingham, and other elements. Special consideration should be given to ensure equity and support for vulnerable and low-income populations. Potential tools include installation of charging stations, increasing access to existing stations, EV charging requirements for new construction, consumer education, group purchase programs, utility support, vehicle purchase incentives and other options. 


Please use the link below to apply to participate in one of the Technical Working Groups.


  • Mayor’s Climate Office, (360) 778-8100 or