2019 Overlay – Harrison St. and James St.

​​​​Project Overview: ES544 The project provides resurfacing and repair of the roadway and provides ADA upgrades to triggered curb ramps on Harrison Street from 40th Street vicinity to Hawk Way vicinity, and on James St. from Sunset Avenue to Woodstock Way vicinity. Funding source: City 161 Transportation Benefit District Fund​ Project Details Status – Complete Contract ... Read more

Northwest/Bakerview Intersection Improvements

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Project Overview: ES546 This project will evaluate and improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and efficiency through the reconstruction of curb ramps, sidewalk, traffic islands, and installation of improved visibility pavement markings in the vicinity of the Northwest Avenue and West Bakerview Road intersection. It also involves evaluating and adding center median along West Bakerview Road from ... Read more

Meridian Street Water Quality Retrofit

​​​​​Project Overview: EV162 This project will provide water quality retrofit treatment through construction of water quality treatment facilities along Meridian Street (State Route 539) between Bakerview Road and Stuart Road, and on Kellogg Road.  This project addresses untreated runoff from one of the highest-volume roadways in the City. Portions of Meridian Street, which has an estimated ... Read more

Boulevard Park Restroom Building

​​Description Constructed in 1979, the existing restroom building at the north end of the park is located within a contaminated​ cleanup site and in an area susceptible to ground settlement. In addition, the finished elevation of the existing restroom building may be less than the recommended elevation to account for sea-level rise. The existing restroom ... Read more