2019 Overlay – Harrison St. and James St.

​​​​Project Overview: ES-0544 The project will provide resurfacing and repair of the roadway and provide ADA upgrades to triggered curb ramps on Harrison Street from 40th Street vicinity to Hawk Way vicinity, and on James St. from Sunset Avenue to Woodstock Way vicinity. Funding source: City 161 Transportation Benefit District Fund​ Status – September 2020 Accomplishments:  ... Read more

2018 TBD Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements

​Project Overview:  ES-0535 Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and efficiency on Woburn Street at Kentucky Street through the addition of new sidewalk and reconstruction of intersection; on Woburn Street at Fraser Street through installation of a pedestrian-activated warning device and reconstruction of the existing pedestrian refuge; on Orleans St. at Illinois St. through installation of ... Read more

Woodstock Intersection Improvements

The Woodstock Intersection Improvements project will move the through movement of James Street onto Woodstock Way in a 20 mph curve. The project will also add bicycle lanes, sidewalks and stormwater treatment facilities to an enhanced treatment level.

TBD-Funded Intersection Projects

To provide improved safety for pedestrians at key intersections in the City, the Transportation Benefit District board approved funding for improvements at six intersections.