2009 Enhanced Pedestrian Crossings

This annual program constructs pedestrian crosswalk enhancements on arterial streets. Full funding in 2009 at the following locations: Northwest / Maplewood; North Samish / Newell; Lakeway / Grant; Alabama / Grant; York / Railroad.

Maritime Heritage Park Playground

Replacement and relocation of existing playground based on public input and Council approval of an amended park master plan. The intent is to relocate the playground to a more active part of the park, south of the creek.

Cornwall Avenue Water Main

This project consists of installation of a water main on Cornwall Avenue between Chestnut Street and W. Illinois Street, and on Halleck Street between Cornwall Avenue and New Street.

Holly Street Gateway Improvements

The project consists of streetscape improvements along upper Holly Street between Ellis Street and Railroad Avenue. Included in the project is the replacement of all curb, gutter and sidewalk, the addition of new traffic signals & street lighting, plants.

Depot Market Square Lease Space Improvements

The design for Depot Market Square when construction was completd in 2006 a 930 square foot unfinished space in the northeast corner of the facility which was slated to be improved once the space was leased. Ralf's Bavarian Bakery leased February 2008.