2018 TBD Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements

​Project Overview:  ES-0535 This project improves pedestrian and bicycle safety and efficiency on Woburn Street at Kentucky Street through the addition of new sidewalk and reconstruction of intersection; on Woburn Street at Fraser Street through installation of a pedestrian-activated warning device and reconstruction of the existing pedestrian refuge; on Orleans St. at Illinois St. through ... Read more

LED Streetlights

Converting all City-owned streetlights to more energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures.

Park Recreation and Open Space Plan

The City of Bellingham updated its Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan (PRO Plan), a six-year plan that is part of the City's Comprehensive Plan, in 2014. The PRO Plan analyzes the supply, demand and need for park and recreation services and facilities

Diversion Dam Access Road Emergency Repairs

Repairs to the access road for the Nooksack Diversion Dam on the Middle Fork of the Nooksack River necessary due to flood damage in early 2009. Includes drainage, realignment, culvert pipes, railroad car bridge, crib walls, debris removal and gravel fill.