2009 Neighborhood Traffic Calming

2009 Neighborhood Traffic Calming is the annual program to introduce traffic calming measures for increased safety for motorized and non-motorized traffic. Neighborhoods: Letter Streets, Columbia and Roosevelt.

Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program

Annual program to reduce cut-through traffic & speeding on residential streets, this includes the installation of traffic calming devices in selected areas. The construction of speed humps on Grant St., traffic diverters on King St., & etc.

2007 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

This project will replace existing manholes and restore sanitary sewers to near new condition through the use of trenchless technology and open cut methods in various neighborhoods.

2007 Sidewalk Replacement

This project is part of an annual program to replace existing sidewalks to increase safety on city streets and intersections. Where needed, upgrades to pedestrian crossing curbs ramps will be updated to comply with current standards. Columbia Neighborhood

Eldridge Avenue Bridge Restoration

This project includes the addition of 410 feet of 16 inch ductile iron watermain under Eldrigde bridge over Squalicum Creek as well as minor repairs and restoration of the historic Eldridge bridge itself.

West Street Pedestrian Improvements

This project provides for the rehabilitation reconstruction of West Street between Squalicum Parkway & North Street. The final project will result in a roadway consisting of two 10-foot lanes, curbing, storm water controls, & 10-foot wide pedestrian path.