Resource Recovery at Post Point

​​​Project Overview: We are planning now for future improvements at the Post Point Wastewater Treatment Plant (Post Point). These improvements are needed because equipment is aging, expensive to repair, and incinerates – rather than recovers – reusable resources. The goal is to provide sustainable, environmentally responsible, cost-effective wastewater treatment into the future. Through this project, ... Read more

Padden Creek Estuary Water Quality Facility

The Padden Creek Estuary water quality facility removes up to 85% of priority pollutants from stormwater draining to Padden Creek Estuary using advanced treatment soils and native plantings.

Post Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

The City strives to provide appropriate, safe, reliable sewer service at a fair, reasonable price while protecting and preserving the environment. As the plant reaches capacity for both load (arrives in the wastewater) and flow (the quantity of wastewater

2014 Annual Overlay Resurfacing Program

The 2014 Annual Overlay Program aims to maintain existing streets to protect the initial investment in the street and to ensure an adequate, quality driving surface for mobility and public safety.