Westside Non-Motorized Improvements

Looking across an empty crosswalk on the road.
Project Overview The Westside Non-Motorized Improvements Project (ES563) will add and improve bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in 15 locations throughout Bellingham, primarily on the west side of town. The project includes improvements in the following areas: Project Status – May 2023 Recent Accomplishments:  Construction Impacts Construction is anticipated in August 2023. More information on construction impacts ... Read more

Woburn Sewer Replacement

Project Overview Starting in April 2023, the Woburn Sewer Replacement project (EU190) will replace sewer mains in the following areas: Once complete, the impacted areas will be repaved, and all pedestrian ramps made fully ADA accessible. Project Status – May 2023 Construction Impacts On Wednesday, May 10, Woburn was closed completely between Alabama and Texas ... Read more

Valencia Street Watermain Replacement

Map showing utility improvements along Valencia Street
Project Overview: EW238 This project will replace the following utilities within the Valencia Street corridor: Following the utility replacements, the corridor roadway will have sidewalks and asphalt replaced and upgraded as needed, as well as a full overlay (new asphalt placed over the old roadway). The purpose of this project is to provide required maintenance ... Read more

City Operations Buildings

Developed concept of 5-story Operations Center building by RMC Architects
Project Overview: EF-133 and EF-141 Projects EF-133 and EF-141 fill a need for new permanent buildings at the City Operations site on Pacific Street. As the Public Works and Parks and Recreation Departments continue to grow, finding space for employees and equipment has become a challenge. The projects were constructed together by one contractor. The ... Read more

Whatcom Creek Trunk Main

​​​​​​​​​​​Project Overview: EU182 This project will re-line a 1909 sewer trunk main along Whatcom Creek from Nevada R/W West to the State/York intersection. The goal of the project is to extend the life of the egg-shaped pipe by re-lining the interior. Videos of the interior of the main shows deterioration in the pipe including holes ... Read more

2019 Transportation Benefit District Projects

​​Project Overview:  ES-0547 This project consists of Transportation Benefit District-funded pedestrian and bicycle improvements throughout Bellingham.  The purpose of this project is to reduce risk and improve connectivity for pedestrian and bike travel in accordance with the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master plans.  This project includes new sidewalks on portions of Yew Street, 24th and Lakeway / ... Read more