Lincoln-Maple Signal & Non-Motorized Improvements

Aerial view of the intersection at East Maple and Lincoln
Project Overview: ET034 This project includes constructing a full traffic signal at Lincoln/E Maple to improve intersection operation and break the 0.86-mile corridor in half by providing a protected pedestrian crossing. This project scope has been expanded to include other improvements in the corridor: The planned improvements are covered in Projects 12 & 18 of ... Read more

Arroyo Bridge repairs

Arroyo Trail
Arroyo Park is an 85-acre park in the South Neighborhood, accessed off Chuckanut Drive and Old Samish Road or via the Interurban Greenway and Trail system. The park is the north gateway to recreational opportunities in the Chuckanut Mountains. Chuckanut Creek runs through the park for approximately ½ of a mile and supports various fish ... Read more

Lake Padden Parking Lot Expansion

Lake Padden Parking Lot
NOW OPEN! This project is a partnership with the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition and the city and has created a 184 stall paved parking lot. It expanded the existing parking area at Lake Padden Park across the street from Galbraith Lane on Samish Way. Amenities include portable toilets and 2 new kiosks, as well as ... Read more

Mill Avenue Overlay

Project Overview: ES-556 This project involves installing sidewalks, curb, and gutter on both sides and then overlaying Mill Street from Samish Way to 40th Street to improve pedestrian access and preserve roadway services. The project includes site survey and geotech investigation as needed. Construction scope includes addition of street section, stormwater improvements and site restoration. ... Read more

Harrison Street Slope Stabilization

​​​Project Overview: EW237​​ This project will facilitate the repair of the water main which was installed in 1992. The water main is in good condition but due to the slope above slipping, the pipe has come apart at the joints on more than one occasion. In addition, the slippage has also caused a rock wall to collapse. The overall repairs ... Read more

Lincoln-Lakeway Multimodal Transportation Study

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Project Overview:​ ES-0555​ In 2020, Public Works led a multi-agency p​roject team with staff from WTA, WSDOT, WCOG and transportation planning and engineering consultants in a comprehensive multimodal transportation study for the area generally bounded by the Samish/I-5 interchange on the south; Samish-Maple-Ellis corridor on the west; Iowa/I-5 interchange on the north; and Puget Street on the east (see ... Read more