Whatcom Creek Trunk Main

​​​​​​​​​​​Project Overview: EU-0182

This project will re-line existing sewer trunk main along Whatcom Creek from Nevada R/W West to the State/York intersection. The existing main was installed in 1909. The goal of the project is to extend the life of the life of the sewer main by re-lining the interior. ​Video of the interior of the main verified existing damage to the pipe including holes and cracks. This project will complete some spot repair as well as install some new manholes to help facilitate maintenance.

The sewer main is not a traditional pipe but a custom brick and concrete, egg shaped conveyance system. Re-lining this type of structure will require custom shaping of the liner. The sewer main is also adjacent as well as crosses under Whatcom Creek. Ensuring that Whatcom Creek will not be disturbed during construction will be a challenge. The largest challenge will be to ensure the sewer main is operating at capacity during the re-lining process. The sewer main services a large section of the City and cannot be taken off-line.​

Funding source: City 420 Wastewater Fund​

Status – September 2020


  • Advertisement and Selection of Carollo Engineers, Inc. as design consultant.
  • Execution of Professional Services Agreement with Carollo Engineers. 
  • Completion of alternatives analyses and Basis of Design Report. 
  • Design progressed to 90%.

Next Milestones: Obtain permits. Advertise for construction.

Project Details


​Larry Scholten, P.E.

Project Engineer
Phone: (360) 778​-7923

Participating Departments

Affected Neighborhoods