ALL IN for Climate Action Week Event Host Information

This page has information about hosting an event during ALL IN for Climate Action Week 2021, September 20-26. This year, we want to move beyond education and provide opportunities for our community to act. Our 2021 theme is “Actions That Make an Impact”. We ask that event hosts this year consider including an action focus in their events. Learn more about the theme in the drop-down menu below.

Approved Climate Action Week events are posted on the City’s webpa​ge​ and calendar​ and receive additional promotional support​​ such as social media posts, print and digital advertising. This is an opportunity to showcase all the work that is already happening in our community as well as generate new interests and reach diverse audiences through multiple groups.​​​​​​​​​ ​Please sign up for our climate action email updates to stay updated on changes.

This year, we want to move beyond education and provide opportunities for our community to act. Our 2021 theme is “Actions That Make an Impact”. Events this year will focus on impactful actions that will help Bellingham reach its climate goals. Based on data from the City’s Climate Action Plan and research, the top actions our community can take to have the greatest impact on reducing local emissions are:

  • Shifting our transportation mode by taking fewer solo trips in gas-powered vehicles and choosing to walk, bike, ride the bus, carpool, or drive electric.
  • Using less energy inside our buildings by changing the way we use energy and increasing energy efficiency.
  • Switching to low-carbon electricity by replacing natural gas systems and appliances with electrical units and increasing use of renewable energy.
  • Making our voices heard by engaging in community groups and local government. 

While these are the most impactful actions for reducing local emissions, there are many other ways to act, including making dietary changes, restoring habitat, composting, supporting local businesses and more.

We ask that all event hosts this year consider including an action focus in their events. This could be participants taking direct action during the event (i.e., biking somewhere, planting a tree, signing up for an electric heat pump installation), or receiving information at an educational event about how to take action, such as through the I’m In for Climate Action Pledge.   

Individuals or organizations who would like to host an event must complete a free online event registration form and agree to the Climate Action Week Terms & Conditions​. Please submit your registration form by Friday, August 13 to ensure your event is included in all promotional materials. When filling out the form, you can save your work to return to later. Once submitted, you will be emailed a link that will allow you to return to the form to make changes if needed as well.

2021 events are added to the Climate Action Week webpage shortly after we receive registration forms from event hosts. The sooner we are provided with the basic details of your event (time, date, location, title, description), the sooner we can add it to our webpage.

The City of Bellingham invites community organizations, governments, businesses, academic institutions, arts/music organizations, individuals and other interest groups within Whatcom County to participate in ALL IN for Climate Action Week by hosting an event during the week of September 20-26, 2021. Community engagement through events such as panel discussions, workshops, concerts, exhibitions and more is essential to continuing to build awareness and further our community’s commitment to climate action. We hope to build upon the success of our 2019 and 2020 Climate Action Weeks, which engaged more than 2,000 community members.

ALL IN for Climate Action Week eve​nts will take place between September 20-26, 2021. Event hosts are responsible for finding a venue and organizing all other details of their own events.​​​​ Events should be hosted at a location within Whatcom County.

Once your event is approved, it will be added to the event webpage and the City’s event calendar, in addition to any cross-promotion your organization may plan. Your event will also be promoted with print and digital advertising.

The outreach for Climate Action Week 2021 will be similar to past years, which included:

  • City of Bellingham website
  • Social media posts and ads
  • Press release 
  • E-newsletters
  • Cascadia Weekly
  • KGMI radio
  • PSAs on local radio stations
  • Printed posters and brochures
  • Online event calendars
  • And more!

Event hosts are responsible for organizing all necessary logistics for their own events, including but not limited to:

  • Obtaining any necessary permits, if applicable (please note that there are often fees and other requirements associated with obtaining permits)
  • Securing and paying for event venues
  • Providing for health and safety needs, including COVID-19
  • Providing traffic control, if necessary

Typically the only support that the City of Bellingham climate action staff can provide is promotional support and advice. We recommend partnering with community organizations and businesses, or finding sponsors, to help reduce the costs and effort required to host an event. Please contact us at if you are looking to partner with a community organization or business as we may be able to suggest ideas.

Event Inspiration

Looking for inspiration for your event? View events from past ALL IN for Climate Action Weeks.

Facility and Equipment Rentals

Below is a list of facility rentals available through the City of Bellingham and Port of Bellingham. Please note that many of these rentals require a fee. Please contact if you plan to reserve City of Bellingham or Port of Bellingham facilities or equipment for a Climate Action Week event to see if we can assist you.

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