Commercial Water Customers

​​​​​The City’s commercial water customer class makes up approximately 18% of the City’s total annual water consumption. This customer class is comprised of restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, grocery stores, etc. A study of water audits completed at 741 commercial sites in six states found potential water savings from efficiency measures ranged from 20 to 26%. At most sites in national studies, the greatest water savings (63%) were achieved through conservation measures related to domestic plumbing fixtures- low-volume toilets, urinals, showerheads and faucets.

Customer Eligibility

Rebates are only available to customers who participate in the Community Energy Challenge and retrofit high volume fixtures and/or appliances. The City will consider rebates for water saving equipment on a case by case basis.

Sign up for the Community Energy Challenge

For more information or to sign up, contact​ or 360-647-7093. 

Eligible Measures

Rebates are available for qualifying toilets, clothes washers, food steamers, dish washers, ice machines, and other select equipment that is purchased and installed.

Toilets must be WaterSense labeled.

Clothes washers must meet the Consortium for Energy Efficiency Tier 3 list requirements.

Food steamers and dish washers must be ENERGY STAR® models and listed on the Puget Sound ​Energy’s list of qualifying models.

Ice machines must be air cooled, and meet the Consortium for Energy Efficiency Tier 1 list requirements OR Puget Sound Energy’s qualifying ice machine list.

Table of Commercial Rebate Qualifying Fixtures/Equip​ment (PDF)

More Information

Please contact the Water Conservation staff at the Operations Division of the Public Works Department if you would like more information and to verify specific product eligibility.