Environmental Education Brochures

Boatnotes: A Handbook for Boaters on Lake Whatcom

Information specific to boating on Lake Whatcom including regulations, maintenance, and safety.

Lake Whatcom Watershed

The Lake Whatcom Watershed brochure gives Lake Whatcom statistics and information on Bellingham’s water system. The brochure follows the water as it travels from the Deming Glacier on Mt. Baker to the diversion dam on the Middle Fork of the Nooksack River, to the tunnel under Bowman Mountain into Mirror Lake, to Lake Whatcom, to the water treatment plant and finally to citizens of Bellingham and Whatcom County.

Salmon Friendly Gardening

This attractive brochure describes how your gardening practices can help salmon. Inside is a comprehensive list of native plants that are salmon friendly. The back panel is a list of local resources for plants, compost, pest information, stream restoration volunteer opportunities, toxics information and disposal, salmon recovery efforts and plant publications. The brochure concept and design are courtesy of Seattle Public Utilities.

Stewards of the Lake

A City of Bellingham Guide to the Lake Whatcom Watershed published Spring 2007.

Storm Water

This brochure discusses maintenance of storm drains, down spouts and drainage ditches. Also included are tips on preventing runoff and keeping pollutants out of the storm drain system. A resource list provides information on recycling, disposal of toxics and storm drain stenciling.

Wastewater Treatment

Photos and text describe Bellingham’s Post Point Wastewater Treatment Facility and the wastewater treatment process.

Water Treatment

Photos and text describe Bellingham’s water distribution system and treatment process.