Water Whys Videos

Water Whys is a television series produced by the City​. The following shows were produced between 2000 and 2002.

Changes in Whatcom Creek

  • Footage of the June 10, 1999 Olympic Pipe Line explosion
  • Learn about the history and restoration effort along Whatcom Creek
  • Meet Bill Y the Water Guy


  • Find out where water from storm drains ends up.
  • See amazing footage of the 1983 flood.
  • Learn why wetlands are important to managing stormwater.

Down the Drain

  • Follow the journey of wastewater from your home to Puget Sound.
  • Discover the short history of sewage treatment in Bellingham.

Salmon Friendly Gardening

  • The Water Whys crew visits the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle
  • Learn ways to have a beautiful garden and protect our waterways.
  • Bill Y tells you about mulching

Trees for Salmon

  • Learn about the benefits of trees to the survival of salmon such as large woody debris, riparian restoration and sustainable forestry practices.
  • The traditional Lummi First Salmon Celebration highlights the importance of salmon to the native culture.
  • Bill Y the Water Guy teaches the proper method for planting tree seedlings.

A Cool Fish Story

  • Take a comprehensive look at the salmon life cycle.
  • Learn earth-friendly car wash techniques from Bill Y.
  • Discover ways you can help bring back our salmon.

Preserving Padden Creek

  • Explore the history of Fairhaven.
  • Discover our hopes for restoring Padden Creek.
  • Learn the practical and spiritual value of our urban streams.

Whatcom Creek Recovery: an Update

  • Talk View restoration efforts along Whatcom Creek following the 1999Olympic Pipe Line explosion.
  • Tour the site with agency staff.
  • Learn about restoration plans.

Saving Squalicum Creek

  • See how development affects our creeks and learn what we can do to lessen our impact.
  • Hear about the history and future of the Squalicum Creek Watershed.
  • Learn about restoration efforts and plans for Squalicum Creek.

Bellingham’s Historic Waterworks

  • View  16mm film taken of Public Works water projects in the 1940s.
  •  Receive a summary of the history of Bellingham over a background of wonderful period music pieces.
  • See the dedication and accomplishments of Bellingham’s Public Works employees over the last century.