Silver Beach Creek Pilot Project

Lake Whatcom jurisdictions are working together to implement the Silver Beach Creek (SBC) Phosphorus Source Control Pilot Project, a comprehensive strategy of projects and behaviors to reduce phosphorus loading into Lake Whatcom.  Project elements include education, outreach, enforcement, monitoring and capital improvement programs to reduce runoff and pollution. The cooperative program sponsors include the City of Bellingham, Whatcom County, Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District, and WSU Cooperative Extension.

Project Components

Specific activities include:

  • Upgrading and retrofitting capital water treatment facilities
  • Hosting public outreach and education events
  • Distributing outreach and education materials
  • Monitoring water quality
  • Restoring and stabilizing stream channels
  • Improving enforcement of development regulations

Pilot Area

The Silver Beach Creek Watershed is an ideal pilot area because it is shared by both the City and County jurisdictions and has some of the highest development/residential-related phosphorus loading of all the Lake Whatcom tributaries.

Project Activities

  • Hosted three community conversations in the Silver Beach Creek Watershed
  • Started a door-to-door outreach campaign to inform Silver Beach residents of Lake Whatcom programs
  • Encouraged residents to participate in the Homeowner Incentive Program and be reimbursed for projects that reduce water running off their property
  • Designed and constructed the Lahti Dr/Britton Road Bioswale (Whatcom County)
  • Ongoing monitoring of Silver Beach Creek water quality
  • Conducted assessment of the new development regulations in the watershed (City of Bellingham)
  • Conducted Outreach Needs Assessment (PDF)

Public Involvement Opportunities

  • Some coupons and incentives are available for Silver Beach Creek Watershed residents. We want to reward you for helping to keep our watershed healthy! Contact
  • Sign up for our Lake E-Newsletter and get information on upcoming events, current programs, and things you can do to help protect the lake. Email to subscribe.
  • Check out our new Homeowner Incentive Program and learn how you can be reimbursed for projects that reduce water running off your property

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