Other Funding Opportunities

NEW! Safe Encampment RFQ

The City has issued a Request for Qualifications from agencies that can operate a tiny house village or other year-round encampment to serve households who are unsheltered. Submissions are due on December 4, 2020.


Community / Public Facility or Improvements – Applications ​were due on February 7, 2020

Public Facilities or improvements that principally benefit low-income persons or areas.

Childcare Facilities ONLY!  If you do not yet have all of the required information for a full application, please submit a Statement of Interest at this time.

Emergency Repairs

The City has set aside $50,000.00 annually to address emergency repair of any multifamily housing, including shelters and transitional housing included in the City’s Consolidated Plan inventory.

Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Emergency Winter Shelter​

Agencies that provide emergency shelter to homeless families and individuals during the winter months (October 1 – March 31).

Infill Demonstration Project

This program is intended to create ownership and / or rental opportunities that implement the City’s Infill and Neighborhood goals.

New Homeownership

Production of new homeownership housing serving low income households.

Safe Parking Pilot Program

The City issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) from agencies that can provide safe overnight parking for individuals who are living in their cars. This RFP is currently closed.

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

For an agency to administer and provide tenant-based rental assistance services in the City to very low income families, homeless and other special needs populations.