Inspection Fees

The majority of rental properties that register with the RR&SIP will be required to be inspected once every three years (see the exemptions page for a list of properties that are exempt from inspections). The intent of the Safety Inspection Program (RR&SIP) is to ensure that Bellingham’s residential rental housing meets specific health and safety standards and to promote compliance with these standards so that the health and safety of tenants is not jeopardized

Visit to pay inspection fees and follow the “How to” instruction sheet for necessary steps.

Cost of Inspections

Type of Inspector​Fee
​City Inspector​$100.00 / unit
Private Inspector​$45.00 / unit (this fee is paid to City, in addition to what is paid directly to the private inspector)
First Re-inspection​​NO CHARGE
​Second Re-inspection​$50.00
Final Re-inspection​​$50.00
​Missed Appointment​$25.00 (each)

Program Late Fees

​Number of Units​Fee
1-4 Units$50.00
5-20 Units​$125.00
​21+ Units​$250.00
Appeal Fee to Hearing Examiner​​$1081.00 ($550 Hearing Examiner Fee / $531 Staff Time)



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