Program Resources & Definitions


Director’s Interpretations and Rules



For any information or discussion pertaining to the Rental Registration & Safety Inspection Program, the following definitions shall be used. These are general definitions – for more complete and specific definitions, please refer to BMC Chapter 6.15.020.

  • Director: The Director of the Department of Planning and Community Development or their designee.
  • Landlord: Owner, lessor, or sub lessor of a rental unit or rental property, or their designated representative, such as an agent or property manager.
  • Property Owner: One or more persons assigned the legal title to or beneficial ownership and right to use the property.
  • Rental Housing Registration: A registration issued under this chapter.
  • Rental Housing Unit: Any building or part of any building that is or may be used as a home, residence, or sleeping place by one or more persons.
  • Rental Inspection: A process by which a qualified rental housing inspector certifies that the residential housing units inspected are in compliance with the requirements and standards set form by BMC 6.15.050.
  • Rental Property: All residential dwelling units rented or leased on a single parcel of land managed by the same landlord..
  • Tenant: A person occupying a rental property or rental housing unit under a rental agreement and who agrees to pay rent for continued occupancy.
  • Transient: A guest, resident, or other occupant to whom lodging and services are furnished for less than 30 continuous days.
  • Transitional Housing: Residential housing units owned, operated or managed by a nonprofit agency or governmental entity in which supportive services are provided to individuals or families that were formerly homeless in order to move them into permanent housing within 24 months of their arrival.