Transportation Review for Development

Development Review

Transportation planners review development proposals for Multimodal Transportation Concurrency and to ensure that there will be adequate access, driveway spacing, distance from intersections, urban street improvements, and provision for pedestrian, bicycle, and transit needs. Urban Growth Area annexation proposals are reviewed to ensure that long-range transportation needs are addressed and included in the recommendations made to City Council. Transportation planners also make changes to the City’s transportation system development regulations, such as street standards, on an as-needed basis.

Traffic Studies

Also called Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA), traffic studies are required whenever a development is expected to generate more than 50 pm peak-hour vehicle trips or where there are already traffic congestion problems on the transportation system. Traffic studies must be conducted by a licensed engineer in Washington and must comply with all requirements listed under Section 11 of the Public Works Development Guidelines and Improvement Standards. Transportation planners work with the engineer to address to scope of the study, the intersections of concern, the distribution of the project traffic, and mitigating measures that may be needed to address the transportation impacts identified.

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