Proposed Partnership to Redevelop 1314 Cornwall Avenue

Project Highlights

  • Reactivates a 60,000 square foot, 30-year vacancy in the Downtown Core
  • Retrofits building facade with windows, balconies and a grand entrance 
  • Generates additional density by adding an additional 2 stories
  • Constructs 50 to 90 market-rate apartments in a range of different sizes
  • “Right-Sizes” the commercial space along Cornwall Avenue providing multiple retail storefronts and furthering our Downtown Retail Strategy
  • Converts the existing basement into a car and bike garage, accessed via the alley
  • Improves abutting public spaces to beautify and activate the public realm

Project Status

Bruce Tolchin’s estate is pursuing litigation to quiet title. While this has impacted the timing of the project, the project itself has not changed nor has our intent or desire to see this project through.

We knew that acquiring this property would be challenging from the beginning, which is why a public-private partnership was formed. There have been a few tangible steps to redevelop or significantly utilize the 1314 Cornwall Avenue in the past three decades. And for that reason, we remain committed to doing what we can to transform this property into a vibrant mixed-use development.

Neither the City nor Urban Strategies, LLC are parties to the estate’s pending litigation and cannot comment on it.  

Project Documents 

Project Summary Sheet

Proposed Development Agreement between the City of Bellingham and Urban Strategies, LLC

Proposed Lease Agreement between the City of Bellingham and Urban Strategies, LLC

Press Release – City Proposes agreement to purchase former J.C. Penney Building, issued September 10, 2018