Samish Way Public Process

City Council

City Council approved the Samish Way Urban Village Sub-Area Plan on November 23, 2009.

Planning Commission

The Bellingham Planning Commission met four separate times in 2009, and on August 6, 2009 forwarded a recommendation of approval to City Council for the Samish Way Urban Village Subarea Plan.

Additional Meetings Held

A series of public workshops were held in June / July 2008 to discuss the vision for the area and to draft a conceptual plan. The public input report (pdf) contains a summary of the public comments that were received during the workshops and explains the conceptual plan presented by staff.

Following the workshops staff worked with numerous professional consultants, stakeholders, and local agencies to test the feasibility of the conceptual ideas. In February, a public meeting was held to present the draft policies and regulations and gather public feedback. 


Planning & Community Development