Pedestrian and Bicyclist Hybrid Beacon


The Pedestrian & Bicyclist Hybrid Beacon is a new tool to help pedestrians and bicyclists cross busy streets. This new beacon is different from a standard traffic signal in that the major street’s signal is generally dark, or off, and there is no traffic signal for cross street motorists so cut through traffic is not encouraged on the side street. Pedestrians and bicyclists on the side street each have their own signals.

How it Works

  1. When a pedestrian on the sidewalk or a bicyclist on the street wants to cross, they push a button to activate the beacon to stop the major street traffic.
  2. The beacon on the major street will first flash yellow then display solid yellow and finally solid red indicating the stop requirement.
  3. When the major street traffic is stopped by the red signal, the side street pedestrians and bicyclists will have a walk signal.
  4. After an appropriate clearance interval for pedestrians and bicyclists to complete their crossing, the major street signal will flash red, with the usual meaning of stop (or stay stopped) and then go if clear.
  5. Finally, the major street signal will go back to being dark.

More Information

For more information, contact Kim Brown, Transportation Options Coordinator, or 360-778-7900 


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