Woman awakened by burglar

Reminding people to secure doors and windows

March 19, 2017 - by Danette Beckley

A young woman was awakened by a male in her bedroom early Saturday morning.  About 4:10 am Bellingham police responded to a 911 call from female tenants of a residence in the 900 block of Billy Frank Jr. Drive.  Initially the females told police a male had entered their home through an unlocked front door.  The male suspect went in to one of the bedrooms where a female was asleep.  The female was awakened when the male walked in and laid down on her bed.  The female yelled at the male and he fled the residence.  There was no assault or attempted assault.

A police K9 attempted to the track the suspect without success.  A number of people were in the area and were talked with, but no leads were discovered.

Later in the morning the female called back when she discovered a ground floor bathroom window was propped open.  It is believed this was the entry, and possibly exit point for the suspect.

The physical descriptors don't sound to be the same as the suspect of the male who was peeping in windows in late January and February, however police are not ruling out the possibility the same person is responsible.  Crime Scene Investigators worked inside and outside of the residence on Saturday gathering evidence.  Evidence will be processed in an attempt to identify the suspect. 

Description of the suspect is a white male about 20 years old, 6'0, 200 pounds with shorter light brown hair.  The male was last wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and a baseball hat.  The male smelled heavily of alcohol and cologne. 

Bellingham Police would appreciate your help with watching out for your neighbor as well as making sure your residence is not left unsecured.  If something or someone seems out of place please call 911 for an officer to come by.  If you live in a roommate type of setting please get together and communicate about how to best make sure everyone in your house is double checking doors and windows.  This includes closing your blinds and curtains. 

Bellingham Police have met with Western Washington Police regarding the incident.  Many students are on break, but WWU PD will keep alert while on patrols near the campus.

This is an ongoing investigation so specifics are limited.

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​Danette Beckley, Public Information Officer
Bellingham Police Department

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