Mayoral Orders and Proclamations

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Requesting a Mayoral Proclamation

Proclamations are typically issued by the Mayor to recognize the importance of a community event, significant achievements by a community member, or to signal Bellingham’s role in significant national events.  

Mayoral Proclamations typically must have a specific connection to Bellingham, such as highlighting an event taking place in Bellingham or honoring a Bellingham resident. Depending on the desire of the requesting party, Proclamations may be read at a City Council meeting, or at the community event being recognized, depending entirely on the schedule of the Mayor. All proclamations are posted on the City’s website. Original signed proclamations will be provided to the requesting party.  

Requestors are typically asked to provide draft language for the proclamation, as well as how they would like the signed proclamation delivered. Proclamations requested at least one month in advance have the best chance of being completed and provided to the requestor by a specific date.  

To request a Mayoral Proclamation or for more information, contact the Mayor’s Office.

Recent Mayoral Proclamations