Electrification of Transportation

Project Overview: EF-0154

This project involves the installation of electric vehicle charging stations throughout Bellingham. This will improve availability of electric vehicle charging. Challenges to overcome for implementation are limited right-of-way, connection to electrical grid, and existing street improvements.

This project is funded by a WA State Department of Commerce Grant and the Bellingham Transportation Fund. You can learn more about the grant and project details in this press release.

Status – July 2021

Accomplishments: Grant received.

Next Milestones: Review concept.

Project Details

  • Status – Pre-Design
  • Contract awarded – 
  • Contract amount – 
  • Contractor –
  • Vicinity​ M​​ap​​


Seth Vidaña
Phone: (360) 778-7999
Email: savidana@cob.org

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