If you are a plumber or contractor, please refer your customers that are City water customers to this web page or call 778-7800. The following criteria must be met for a residential water customer to receive a rebate:

  • City residential water customer
  • Participation in Community Energy Challenge –
  • WaterSense labeled toilet(s) replacing a 1.6​+ gallon per flush toilet
  • ENERGY STAR® labeled and meets Puget Sound Energy (PSE) clothes washer rebate qualifications. Must have a Modified Energy Factor (MEF) of 2.4 and above and a Water Factor (WF) of 4.0 and below.
  • Receipts showing manufacturer, make and model number, and purchase price must accompany rebate application

Note: Rebate applications are only distributed to residents upon sign-up with the Community Energy Challenge

More Information

Please contact the Water Conservation staff at the Operations Division of the Public Works Department if you would like more information and to verify specific product eligibility.