National Public Works Week – May 21 to May 27

​​​​Nearly everywhere you look, you can see where Public Works helps make our City successful! City of Bellingham Public Works provides many essential services to keep us healthy, clean, and safe. Celebrate Public Works this year by learning more about how Public Works serves our community and participating in the activities below!

Mayor Seth Fleetwood honors the contributions of Bellingham’s Public Works professionals during National Public Works Week 2021.

Activities to Celebrate National Public Works Week​

Celebrate National Public Works Week with these family-friendly activities. Share pictures of your completed drawings and​ from your scavenger hunt and tours with Public Works staff by emailing them to​.

Come check out the big trucks and equipment that keep your streets, storm drains, sewer, and water lines running smoothly. Activities include crafts, a scavenger hunt, and more! This event is free and open to all ages. Stop by 210 Lottie Street between City Hall and the Bellingham Public Library any time between 1-3 p.m. Learn more about this event.

Small child talking with a Public Works employee in front of a parked big truck
​Learning what the City’s big trucks do at a previous Meet-a-Truck event

Print, color and share these four Public Works vehicle coloring pages below!

How has the City of Bellingham Public Works helped your neighborhod? Take a walk around your neighborhood and see if you can spot items that Public Works has installed in your neighborhood to keep you safe, clean and healthy while you walk, bike, drive, play and live.

Discover where the rain flows after it hits the ground by taking one of Bellingham’s self-guided Stormwater Discovery Tours​. On these tours, you will explore urban and parkland areas while learning how the City keeps our water clean, filters out pollutants, and prevents flooding. 

Learn About Public Works

Public Works​ provides safe, clean drinking water, manages and treats our wastewater, issues permits, builds our roadways, sidewalks and bike lanes, manages stormwater and protects our natural resources. The video below provides an overview of some of these essential services.

​​Public Works also implements various construction projects that improve our community. Project benefits range from increasing connectivity throughout our City with new roadways to improving habitat and water quality in local streams. The following videos provide a closer look at some projects implemented by Public Works:



Public Works Department Contacts