Mitigation Program

The City of Bellingham is developing a mitigation program to benefit our community. We recognize that increased growth and infrastructure improvements will result in unavoidable impacts to local wetlands and streams. Mitigating these impacts is important to maintaining our quality of life and the health of our watersheds. The goals of the mitigation program are to improve the success of mitigation projects, reduce costs associated with mitigation, coordinate mitigation efforts, and streamline the mitigation process.

Mitigation Resources 

Several resources can help developers, consultants, and reviewers ide​ntify and evaluate mitigation sites to ensure they provide meaningful watershed benefits.

The following summary sheets provide quick references for best available science specific to each watershed:

The following resources offer more in-depth information on wetlands, fish presence, soils, streams, and wildlife habitat:

Mitigation Bank

A primary component of the mitigation program will be a Mitigation Bank. The City conducted extensive analysis to determine how best to provide ecologically appropriate and functional mitigation for impacts anticipated to occur over the next 10 years. As a result, the proposed Mitigation Bank includes:

Please refer to our Mitigation Bank webpage and fact sheet to learn more.



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