Surplus Lands Assessment

​The City of Bellingham currently owns or manages over 4,800 acres of land within Whatcom County, primarily within the City of Bellingham itself. While most of these properties provide a valuable public benefit, some may be surplus either now or in the future to meet City’s needs.

In 2016, City of Bellingham staff developed a replicable process for evaluation of City properties to determine and recommend which properties are potentially surplus to the City’s needs. Developing a methodology which can be repeated saves both time and reduces the cost of future assessments. Any property that proceeds in the surplus property declaration process will be held subject to the requirements in Chapter 4.84​, “Disposition of Surplus Real Property” of the Bellingham Municipal Code.

Current Surplus Properties Assessment Database 

NOTE: The properties identified in the Report and Action Plan only indicate the property has preliminary potential for surplus OR potential for an alternative use. Detailed review, further research and consideration in regards to ownership, deeds, easements, critical areas, etc.  is necessary before any property proceeds in the surplus property declaration process.  Properties listed are preliminary and are not guaranteed to proceed in the surplus process.