Important City Policies

All of the City of Bellingham Policies and Procedures are available to employees.  Here is an overview of several key policies that new employees should be familiar with.

Drug Free Workplace – PER 01.00.03
This policy outlines the City of Bellingham’s commitment to a drug-free workplace in order to ensure a safe work environment and to protect the public.

Family and Medical Leaves – PER 07.01.07
FMLA is provided in accordance with the law. You must have been employed for one year and worked over 1250 hours to be eligible. Washington also has the Family Care Act and Family Leave Act which applies if you need leave for your own serious health condition or for that of a family member.

Providing Equal Opportunity – PER 11.02.01
This policy establishes guidelines for equal opportunity in employment and City services. Employees are encouraged to report any violations that happen to themselves or others.

Preventing Violence in the Workplace – PER 14.00.03
The City is committed to a work environment that is free of violence and the threat of violence.  This policy outlines what the City of Bellingham prohibits and what employees need to do to report violations.

Reporting Improper Governmental Action & Protecting Employees Against Retaliation – LEG 01.00.03
This policy protects City employees from retaliation for reporting improper governmental action (aka “whistleblowing”) that violates any federal, state or local law or rule.

No Smoking – PER 14.01.01
The City does not allow smoking in City buildings or City-owned vehicles, by anyone, whether employees, citizens or other visitors. Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of any building.  Each building or department has a designated smoking area.

Accident Reporting Procedures – ADM 10.03.08
If you are in an accident involving a City vehicle, refer to the manila envelope in the glove compartment of the vehicle. Instructions and forms should be in the packet. Be sure to contact your supervisor, and call 911 if needed.

Use of City Property – ADM 00.00.03
Employees may use City property for legitimate City business purposes only.

Using and Securing City Computers and Other I.T. Resources – ADM 07.00.11
Ground rules for using city software and hardware.

Questions?  Contact Human Resources.