Public Service Facts

What makes a public employee different than other employees?

  • We meet high ethical standards. We are not only fair, but appear to be fair and free from conflicts of interest and self-interest in the work we do. We act logically and rationally, and are not “arbitrary and capricious” in our actions.
  • We work “in the public interest.” We take a broad view of our work to assure that’s our focus, not how to make things convenient for us as staff.
  • We spend tax dollars under scrutiny of general public and state auditor. It’s not our money or company money, but everyone’s money. No use of public resources for personal reasons.
  • We meet public requirements for open processes, including open public meetings, public records disclosure, and accessibility to our facilities and programs.
  • No politics in the office or use of any office equipment or name of the organization in political activities.
  • We base employment decisions on merit, with no discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, creed, or other personal characteristics.
  • We must be aware of and follow state and federal laws and our organization’s policies.

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