Housing Solutions

​​The challenges in the housing world are many, including: reducing homelessness, increasing the supply of affordable rental housing, and creating a range of new for-sale housing types that provide an entry to home ownership. These are nationwide issues but are even more acute in coastal areas surrounded by plentiful natural and cultural amenities.  Compounding these problems locally, expanding student enrollment and a growing population have resulted in some of the lowest rental vacancy rates in the State.    

    Protections for Manufactured Home Parks

    The City Council has acted to enhance protections of manufactured home parks to help preserve this important form of affordable housing. After a series of moratoriums on redevelopment, on October 24, 2022, Council passed amendments to the Bellingham Municipal Code to establish a Manufactured Home Park overlay to preserve existing parks through additional zoning protections and regulations on change of use, ownership, and closure of a park.

    City Council Town Hall: Community Voices on Affordable Housing

    In 2022, the City Council held a series of Town Hall meetings on issues of importance to the City and Bellingham residents. The November Town Hall focused on Affordable Housing.

    Planning Committee Work Sessions on Residential Rental Barriers/Concerns

    ​Many Bellingham community members reside in rental housing. The Council adopted an ordinance to prohibit source of income discrimination in rental housing and to expand notification of rental increases under certain circumstances. The following links include meeting videos and materials.

    Housing Equity Assessment

    In 2018, the City Council tasked its Planning and Community Development Committee with creating specifications for a Housing Equity Assessment that will document the distribution of housing, services, parks, and economic opportunity within the City of Bellingham.

    Funding and Incentives for New Housing


     Other Housing Resources


    ​Mark Gardner, City Council Legislative Analyst, mgardner@cob.org