City Attorney Services

Photo by J.W. Sandison, Courtesy of Whatcom Museum.
This Whatcom County jury is the first jury in the State of Washington to include women. Sworn in by Judge John A. Kellogg on September 5, 1911, the photo of the “mixed jury” of six men and six women was taken in the Whatcom County Courthouse, Ellsworth and G streets, and appeared on page 6 of The Morning Reveille on September 7, 1911. According to the same article, Washington was the first state to have female jurors which may well mean Whatcom County had one of the first female juries in the U.S.

The Morning Reveille also reported that Laura Higgerson’s husband had returned her summons claiming an exemption from serving, which he did without telling her. When Mrs. Higgerson found out, she told Judge Kellogg that she had every intention of being on the jury. Her name was returned to the list, and she was indeed selected (she is second from the right in the front row).

The City Attorney’s Office provides legal counsel and representation to the Mayor, City Council, and City staff, and also is responsible for prosecuting misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor criminal offenses committed in the City. It does not provide general legal services to members of the public. The office may be contacted for information related to the below listed items.

  • Claims – Addressing claims against the City of Bellingham (please contact our Main Office)
  • Victims and Witnesses – Advocacy, referrals, and information for victims and witnesses involved with matters before the Municipal Court (please contact our Criminal Division)
  • Public Records Requests – Request access to or copies of public records