Sponsor a Tree

​​​​​​The tree sponsorship program is on hold until January 2023.

Trees play an important role of Bellingham’s continually growing park system. They are landmarks that give the park an identity, mark the seasons, provide habitat, combat climate change and provide shade to sit and play under for generations to come. What could be more special that planting a tree in memory of a loved one, to honor someone special or to celebrate a milestone?

Sponsoring a tree is simple:

 1. Choose a tree

Ornamental / Shade

​Common Name​Botanical Name

David’s Maple​

​Acer davidii

Paperbark Maple​

​Acer Griseum

Eddies White Wonder Dogwood​

​Cornus Florida “Eddies White Wonder”

​Eastern Redbud

​Cercis canadensis

​Gingko or Maidenhar Tree

​Ginkgo biloba


​Oxydendron arboretum

​Persian Ironwood

​Parrotia persica

​Japanese Snowdrop tree​Styrax Japonica
​Norway Maple​Acer platanoides
​Katsura Tree​Cercidiphyllum japonicaum
​Sour Gum or Tupelo Tree​Nyssa syvatica
​Gary Oak​Quercus garryana
​Sugar Maple​Acer saccharum
​American Beech​Fagus grandifolia
​European Beech​Fagus sylvatica
​Tulip Tree​Liriodendron tulipifera
​Scarlet Oak​Quercus Coccinea
​Japanese Zelcova​Zelcova serrulate
​Sugar Maple​Acer sacchrum
​American Beech​Fagus grandifolia
​European Beech​Fagus sylvatica
​Tulip Tree​Liriodendron tulipifera
​Scarlet Oak​Quercus Coccinea
​Jananese Zelcova​Zelcova serrulate


​Common Name​Botanical Name
Grand Fir​​Abies Grandis
Atlas Cedar​​Cedrus atlantica
​Deodar Cedar​Cedrus Deodara
​Dawn Redwood​Metasequoia Glyptostroboides
​Sitka Spruce​Picea Sitchensis
Western White Pine​​Pinus Monticola
Austrian Black Pine​​Pinus Nigra
​Douglas Fir​Pseudotsuga Menziesii
​Redwood or Coast Redwood​Sequoia Sempervirens
​Giant Sequoia​Sequoiadendron Giganteum

2. Submit an application

Fill out and submit your ​donation app​lication. Within 45 days of receiving your application an Urban Forest staff member will contact you about your desired tree species and park location. They will work with you to discuss available park locations, tree species and help you pick an alternative species or location if needed. Once you have an agreed tree and park location our staff will contact you to collect $400 to cover the cost of the tree, planting and initial maintenance.

3. Planting 

Although we accept tree sponsorships year round, trees will only be planted in the fall, winter and spring to give the trees the best chance to thrive. Trees will have approximately a 2.5″ trunk circumference at the time of planting.  Staff will reach out to the sponsor to let them know the scheduled planting time and location.  The sponsor can be present during the planting and even help plant if they want to!

 4. Recognition

 After your tree is planted you will receive a certificate with a photo of the planted tree and a map with the GPS coordinates.

Sometimes trees do not survive due to weather conditions, pests or vandalism. The Department will replace any sponsored tree that is vandalized or dies within the first three years of planting.  



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