The University of Washington Bellingham Annexation Research Initiative

Welcome to the University of Washington’s Bellingham Annexation Research Initiative webpage. The Initiative is a quarter-long research project conducted by graduate students from the University of Washington’s Urban Design and Planning program. This page is intended to guide residents of the Bellingham urban growth areas (UGAs) around the topic of annexation. Explore key aspects of the initiative below. For questions and concerns, visit the FAQ page below or contact us at to send us your thoughts.

Final UW Research Team documents

The research group concluded their study at the June 3, 2019 City Council meeting. The following documents were submitted to the City.

Why is this research being done?

The research group has been requested by the City to perform an independent analysis of annexation. The team will provide a neutral assessment of the procedure of annexation for the UGAs to the east and south of the City.

How will the research be done?

The research group will be going door to door to survey the residents of the UGAs on their awareness, thoughts and feelings regarding annexation. Additionally, the team will host three separate community engagement meetings, where community members will be asked to provide their feedback. This information will be analyzed with legal and financial data to allow the team to formulate a final recommendation to be delivered to the City.

When will this research begin?

The UW team has already begun preliminary research. Information about when the team will conduct surveys and hold community meetings can be found in the Calendar of Events below.

Where are the unincorporated Urban Growth Areas?

The location of the UGAs that are being studied for this project can be found he​re.



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