​Special Victims Unit (SVU)

The Special Victims Unit (SVU) investigates all child abuse cases (both sexual and physical), sexual assault cases involving adult victims, as well as domestic violence (DV) related cases such as assaults, stalking, court order violations and DV homicides.  The detectives work closely with DCFS/CPS, medical professionals, prosecutors, and community-based advocates to ensure survivors receive the best assistance and support available, while holding the offenders accountable for the crimes they commit. All cases involving missing people and juvenile runaways are assigned to a SVU detective for follow-up and investigation.  Referrals by Adult Protective Services and Child Protective Services are reviewed for assignment and further investigation. 

Detectives of the SVU are also responsible for registering, tracking and monitoring all sex offenders who reside in Bellingham and completing an annual address verification.

The SVU participates in a task force working to identify, arrest and convict those offenders who are victimizing and exploiting children via the Internet.  The crimes investigated by this detective and the task force include communication with a minor for immoral purposes, sexual exploitation of a minor, possession of and dealing in depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Reports concerning child exploitation can be made through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1(800)843-5678 or

Major Crimes Unit (MCU)

The Detectives attached to our Major Crimes Unit (MCU) are responsible for investigating and tracking felony level cases.  Generally the types of cases that MCU investigate relate to violent crime, theft, burglary, fraud and internet based criminal violations.  

MCU is comprised of four permanently assigned Detectives, one rotating Temporary Detective position and one Sergeant.


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