The Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) was established to provide the community with skilled verbal communicators who may be utilized to de-escalate and effect surrender and/or preserve life in critical situations where suspects have taken hostages, barricaded themselves, or have suicidal tendencies.

The Crisis Negotiation Team may be utilized with the SWAT team in an attempt to come to peaceful resolutions in crisis situations.

Members of the Crisis Negotiation Team have been trained by the FBI in Negotiation tactics and active listening skills.  They are also certified in Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), which helps them respond to people who are having a mental health crisis.

The team attends national trainings and seminars hosted by the Western States Hostage Negotiation Association (WSHNA).  The team also attends in-house trainings on a regular basis to keep up with the latest cases and strategies.

Selected members on the Crisis Negotiation Team participate in this unit in addition to their regular assigned duties.


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