Bellingham Citizen Patrol

Notice: As of 2-16-22, Bellingham Citizen Patrol has been suspended due to a variety of reasons, including COVID restrictions and BPD staffing issues. We are not accepting applications for this program at this time.

​​Bellingham Citizen Patrol assists the police department and serves the community. Vacation house checks, disabled parking enforcement, and abandoned vehicle processing within the City are functions of our Citizen Patrol Teams. Find out more about our volunteer program in a Bellingham Herald article​, “Retiree was looking for ‘a little different’ way to volunteer; then the police called” January 08, 2018.

Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Scott Hendrickson via email, or phone (360) 778-8633 if you have any additional​​ questions. If you would like to be a part of our team please fill out the application below!

BCP Application Form​​​


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