Bellingham Park Stewards: Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:

Q:  How and when do I need to report my hours?

A:  Please report hours on the Volunteer Work Record form. We request hours to be reported at least twice per year, at the end of June and December. Reminders are typically sent out in July and January. If you have trouble using our online Parks Volunteer Hours Reporting form, let us know so that we can help you! Alternatively, please email hours to or mail or drop them off at the Park Operations office (1400 Woburn Street).

Question 2:

Q:  Why do I need an agreement? How long is it for?

A:  Our formal agreements allow citizens to volunteer on City property. Agreements also ensure that both volunteers and the City of Bellingham understand their duties and our policies.

Question 3:

Q:  How will Bellingham Parks and Recreation support me with my adopted area?

A:  Bags for litter and weeds will be provided by the Bellingham Parks Volunteer Program. Once your bags are filled, you can call the Parks Department to arrange a pickup, or you can drop them off yourself at Park Operations (encouraged; call in advance). Annually, the Parks Volunteer Coordinator will check-in with you, review work completed and provide feedback, if needed.

Question 4:

Q:  Can I adopt the trail or park by my house?

A:  Yes.

Question 5:

Q:  Can I apply as a group?

A:  Yes! Groups are considered anything larger than two people and can include businesses, classrooms, families, etc. Just indicate the name of your group and the lead contact on your Park Steward Application.

Question 6:

Q:  What do I do with the weeds/litter I collect at my site?

A:  Call or email the Parks Volunteer Coordinator to arrange a drop-off at Park Operations (1400 Woburn St.) or we can pick them up onsite. If it’s not a large amount of weeds, we encourage you to drop them off at Park Ops yourself. Typically, we can pick up weeds or litter within 2-4 business days. Please also ask us about our new “Composting Weeds On-site Protocol!

Question 7:

Q:  How can I learn more about environmental stewardship, including plant identification?

A:  Check out our educational resources on environmental stewardship.

Question 8:

Q:  I am interested in becoming a park steward or trail adopter. Where am I needed the most?

A:  Check out our map which lists where current volunteers are working, give us a call at 360-778-7105 or email us directly at

Question 9:

Q:  What happened to the “Bark Steward” and “Adopt-A-Trail” programs?

A:  These programs still exist but are simply folded under the term “Park Steward” to simplify our terminology. You can still adopt your favorite trail or be a Bark Steward of your local dog waste station. Just fill out the Park Steward Application and indicate your interests.


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